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Everything you need to know to become a big saver before the Easter Holidays

Today, the vast majority hold onto their pennies a little harder than they have done before. Where we have happily spent our money in the past, we may think twice before making the same purchase today.

But we're here to let you know that you don't have to let this ruin the Easter celebrations that are just around the corner. Shop for everything you need, and save money all at once, thanks to one simple trick.


Most things cost a little more than before

Due to the way the situation looks globally (and how it has looked since 2020) the vast majority of prices are much higher than before. Even if you hold back on everyday luxuries and, for example, avoid eating out, the vast majority still feel the increased prices.

Everything from food, to clothing and fuel has seen large increases in pricing, which means that the vast majority of people want to hold on to their pennies a little harder than before. Then it's lucky that there is a super easy way to save some extra money, without it requiring any major effort on your part, right?


How you can save money in a simple way

It may sound too good to be true, but there is an easy way to save money even today, namely with the help of cross-border shopping! Get cheaper prices for alcohol, cookies, snacks and much more in an incredibly simple way.

Now, you might think that border shopping is only relevant when you go abroad, and given the current gas prices, it might not be tempting to go to the border of the country just to do bulk shopping. But the fact is that cross-border trade can be effortless today, since you can shop remotely and then ship your products straight to your door, and thus save a lot of money!


Everything you need to know about cross-border shopping from the comfort of your own home

The only thing you need to be aware of for cross-border trade is that importing goods from another EU country is tax-free, as long as it is for personal use. This also includes products such as spirits, wine, and tobacco.

What is meant by personal use is that they are intended to be consumed by you personally, members of your household or for your private guests. You may not shop for other people, for example, but if you are planning a party at home, you may shop for your invited private guests.

You don't have to be on site to be able to take advantage of cross-border trade. To describe it as briefly as possible, you can manage the shopping remotely, and then it's all done. But there is one important detail that is important to be aware of when doing this, you need to solve the matter of shipping of your goods by yourself.

If you so wish, you can, of course, transport your goods yourself. Regardless of whether you want to do this in a most ambitious way with, say, a bicycle, or if you wish to load the car full and drive all the way there and back. But, given the increased price of fuel, and the fact that not everyone has the opportunity to pick up their goods on their own, there is another way, an easier alternative.



Here comes Shippii!

Thanks to Shippii, you can ship your goods straight to your door from the cross-border stores in the simplest possible way, all without you having to worry about anything at all. The entire process from start to finish is designed to be as easy as possible for you as the end user.

To get started, you simply enter which cross-border store you have shopped at. Next, you need to enter information such as an email address, the total weight of your goods, and your order number at the cross-border store.

After that, Shippii takes care of everything with the delivery and ensures that your goods are picked up and delivered to your front door, without you having to lift a finger yourself. You can thus benefit from the great savings of cross-border shopping, without having to visit the stores yourself. Make this Easter a real party with the help of Shippii!


Examples of savings you can make thanks to cross-border shopping

It is easy to save money on the vast majority of products and categories offered in cross-border trade. But below, we take a look at the most popular product categories to give you inspiration for what you can use cross-border shopping and Shippii for.


Seasonal products

You can make big savings on seasonal products that cost a lot at your local stores. It is mainly around holidays that these are relevant, things like Halloween, Christmas and around Easter.

Around Easter, for example, you can find excellent prices on candy and chocolate, as well as seasonal drinks. It's a great way to avoid overspending, while offering friends and family a proper holiday celebration.


Alcohol & Snacks

At the vast majority of cross-border stores, alcohol & snacks are the most popular categories by far. This is due to a couple of different reasons, but one of the biggest is that they often offer the biggest savings. This is because the alcohol tax is often higher for local products.

If you plan to host a party for friends and family, or perhaps a holiday celebration, it can be a good idea to manage the procurement of alcohol through border shopping. It is not entirely unusual to see savings of up to 50% compared to local prices within these categories. So if you buy a larger quantity of goods, it can quickly reduce the dent in your bank account.


Household products & Everyday consumption

Did you know that household products & everyday consumption are also popular categories in cross-border shopping? These categories are also seeing increasing popularity as prices in the local stores continue to rise every other week.

Things like pasta, spices, and cleaning products are really popular and can offer massive savings, even from well-known brands that you might otherwise buy from your local supermarket. For products that have a long shelf life, this is a great way to make savings.